“Beach Bathers” New series

Over the years Marc has done a lot of life figure drawings, he is now using these drawings to create his new series “Beach Bathers” pictured below are two new paintings that capture women sun bathing, you can feel the relaxing mood of the day the ocean and the sand.

beach bathers red hat 30 x 40 (1)

“Beach Bathers with Red Hat” 30 x 40 Oil


Beach Bathers red towel 12 x 16

“Beach Bathers on Red Towel” 16″ x 20″ Oil

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New Large Works


Marc’s new large works please call for size and price (949) 463-1752 

Girl on couch 36 x 48





Glassy Ocean 4 x 8

Large Floral Bouquet 64 x 48  IMG_7461

Seascape 48 x 36


Glass Vase floral 40 x 30    IMG_7455


Bed 14 x 18


OceanNew waters 38 x 53

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New Work

This Thursday June 2, 2016  6 to 9 pm



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New Paintings For May

Marc has spent several weeks painting at lake Hodges (San Diego Ca),  he found the light to be very beautiful and painted a verity of Florals, interiors and landscapes.  Next trip soon to come I will keep you posted.  Paintings are all available from the trip below.

please call or e-mail

whitneygallery@msn.com   or   (949) 463-1752

INSPIRATIONAL HOME     Thank you all, who suggested and offered your own homes for Marc to get inspired and come and paint.  He is organizing all the great ideas and is always interested in any other inspirational homes he can rent.  Thank you we really appreciate all the great people that support Marc and his art work.


IMG_6585            IMG_6613


IMG_6611           IMG_6624


IMG_6623    IMG_6627




IMG_6628        IMG_6629



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Laguna Beach Art Walk tonight Thursday April 7th

Tonight is the Laguna Beach Art walk from 6 to 9.  Thursday April 7th

Thank you so much for responding to my last e-mail “Looking for inspirational place to paint” You are all so wonderful to think of Marc and we really appreciate it.  Marc will be figuring it all out, and I will keep you posted with new works in upcoming e-mails, if you think of anyplace else please let us know  (photos are always great if possible.)

Thank you    Jackie




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Pop up Sale Paintings of Morro Bay 2016

“Paintings of Morro Bay” Last month Marc went on a painting trip to Morro Bay he found the trip to be very inspiring, stop by the gallery or see our e-mail (Pop up Sale New paintings of Morro Bay)  Questions or prices please call (949) 463-1752

*Marc is searching for his next painting location.  He is looking for a quiet inspirational  home, cottage or guest house or vacation rental to lease.   If you know of or have such a place please let us know.  Thank you 

 8 x 10 Morro 4#4


8 x 10 Morro 6#6


9 x 12 Morro 9#9



11 x 14 Morro 2 #2

More images available  whitneygallery@msn.com or call (949) 463-1752

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Art is a great gift for Valentines Day!!

Art Walk this Thursday Feb 4 6 to 9 pm  I would be happy to help you get a great gift for Valentines Day!!  Marc has been painting some amazing painting.


The Music room 30 x 40






sideview bed with pillows




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