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  1. Dear Jackie, My husband and I are still talking about our visit to your gallery just after Christmas. We were really moved by Marc’s paintings and would love to have some conversation about having a few pieces on consignment this spring/summer at our gallery in Nantucket. It is obvious that your success in Laguna makes your need or interest in new venues rather moot at this point. We would, however, love our clients to have the opportunity to see Marc’s work. There is quite a bit of bi-coastal travel going on with many of them and exposure here could lead to some gallery visits there. do you think there is any possibility of pursuing this idea? Best to you both. Mary Beth

  2. jill karr says:

    Love Marcs work!……..would like to be on your email list. Thank you

  3. Patti Felton says:

    Dear Jackie and Mark, Could you please let me know the price of giclee of the Two Chairs?
    I’ve admired the original for a long time. Thanks! Patti Felton

  4. Bill & Nancy Hoffman says:

    Hello Jackie! What’s your email address? I’d like to inquire about a couple of Marc’s paintings. We remain so happy with the ones we bought from the two of you some 25 years ago!! They are all hanging in our house in Maine (we moved from Phila, to DC, and have settled in Portland, ME)……and we need some more; lanscape 7 looks really interesting, among others. Sending you, Marc (and two kids!) lots of warmth and happiness this holiday season.

    Best – Nancy & Bill Hoffman

    • Hi Bill and Nancy

      So sorry I slipped up and didn’t check our blog. So good to hear from you hope you had a wonderful holiday. Maine sounds nice. I am so happy that you still love your painting that you bought so long ago, Wow! time goes fast. Our e-mail address is and Yes number 7 is still available it is a beautiful one it is an original water color 18 x 24 Marc painted this a bit south of us at Lake Hodges the sale price is $800 (unframed) which we will still honer for you. Usually a water color size goes for $1,600 to $1,800. Since it is unframed it is easy to ship so let me know if you would like to get it probably better to e-mail me at the e-mail address Oh and we are happy to frame for you too if you like we have a great framer that we use Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you. Jackie (949) 463-1752 cell

  5. Mary jones says:

    I’m looking for a large sea scape that’s subtle. Do you have anything like that for sale now? What would something like this cost. I have a small painting of yours of hills and trees. Thanks.

  6. Renae Cole says:

    We recently visited your gallery in Laguna and so enjoyed seeing your work. I was especially drawn to the bath sink and your florals. If the sink is still available could you give me a price and perhaps prices on the little florals. You are a very talented painter, sensitive to the sights familiar to everyday life. Thanks for the lovely visual visit.
    Renae Cole

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